Pance Prep Pearls


Author: Dwayne A. Williams
Cover Design: Eli Ofel

Pance Prep Pearls

Author: Dwayne A. Williams
Cover Design: Eli Ofel

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What to expect in the PANCE PREP PEARLS 2nd edition? Easy to follow and redesigned algorithms and charts that help to organize medicine for maximum retention, especially for visual learners. Expanded chapters including new diseases and updated material, including the new DSM-5 criteria, new lipid and hypertension guidelines.

Bold and italicized essentials of each topic frequently asked with emphasis on high-yield information with charts that compare and contrast commonly paired diseases. Simple yet effective layouts to maximize learning and increase retention of difficult topics.

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Pance app

Author: Dwayne A. Williams
Design/development: Eli Ofel

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our new PANCE PREP App 

Not only will you improve your test-taking abilities, but you can also custom-tailor your exam based on organ systems and task areas.

This unique feature allows you to strengthen your areas of weakness while studying for the PANCE, PANRE, End of rotation exams, PACKRAT, OSCES, USMLE and other clinical medicine examinations. The app will intuitively know your areas of weakness and give you a plan to improve your overall performance. Individual clinical pearls, disease review and much more! Coming in 2019.

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